We are looking for the help of our customers to suggest any new products that as a business that we should start selling or any products that we stopped selling to start selling again if the option is available. Please  email us at with any recommendations or click on the contact option and message us your suggestions or call us directly.

Welcome to All Around Feeds

All Around Feeds specializes in bringing quality livestock and pet foods and supplies to the Cheyenne area at fair prices.


This year we are going to start selling grass seed by the pound. There will be different bins set up so that people can buy one or two pounds a of grass seed (Plus or minus). We will continue to sale the 50 pounds of grass seed. Once we have more information about the type of grass seed that will be in those bins, we will let you know. There will be a variety. We can always special order grass seed for you if we don't have the specific grass seed you would like. There are different size bags we can get. Come see us if your needing some grass seed for the this year and if you have any questions. We do have other seed as well that you can plant such as alfalfa and so on. Come see us with your planting needs.

Alfalfa Pellets, Grass Hay and Grass Alfalfa Hay

If your looking for Hay and Alfalfa Pellets we carry it. We carry alfalfa pellets by the 50 pound bag and in bulk tote bags, the  average weight is around 1550 lb. The alfalfa pellets are milled locally at Premium Hay Products. Stop by or call us with any questions.